Performing Arts


Amsterdam has some 225 venues in total, including over seventy theatres and concert halls. Approximately 19,000 stage, music, opera, dance, cabaret etc. performances are given each year. The main theatres are the Muziektheater (music theatre) with the Het Nationale Ballet (National Ballet) and Nederlands Opera (Dutch Opera) as regular performers, the Stadsschouwburg and the Koninklijk Theater Carré. The Concertgebouw is the home of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

Akhnaton, Centre for world culture: Akhnaton is a free venue for the cultural heritage of migrant youths.

Bellevue/Nieuwe de la Mar: Theatre and ballet

Koninklijk Theater Carré: Theatre for, among other things, stage plays, musicals, cabaret and circus.

Concertgebouw: Home of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

Melkweg: Venue for pop music and world music, also gallery, cinema and theatre.

Het Muziektheater, opera and ballet venue: Home of the Nederlandse Opera and the National Ballet.

Nes theaters: The Nes is a street with four theatres: the Cosmic, the Engelenbak, the Frascati and the Vlaams Cultureel

Centrum Brakke Grond (Flemish cultural centre).

Paradiso: Venue for pop music and world music.

Stadsschouwburg: Theatre for stage plays, dance and music.

Transformatorhuis Toneelgroep (theatre group) Amsterdam: Home of the Toneelgroep Amsterdam.

Amsterdam ticket agency: Current programme and ticket sales

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